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It all started with one dog.
 Rescue founder, Dawn Mitchell came across a post on Facebook about a pitbull whose time was up at a shelter in California. She could not bear the thought of that sweet bully girl being euthanized simply for not having a home to go to. Dawn pulled her from that shelter, arranged for transport to Delaware, named her Cali and Doggone Happy Animal Rescue was born. 
In the beginning, Dawn rescued one dog at a time while operating on her own, however people began messaging her non-stop about dogs in need. As a home care nurse, she simply didn't have the time to grow the rescue on her own so she began recruiting fosters to provide temporary loving homes for each and every pup that comes through Doggone Happy Animal Rescue. 
The safety, health and happiness of the animals is of the utmost importance. Every dog is fully vetted and adopters are carefully screened to ensure that they are a perfect match. Adoption fees remain low, often barely covering vet expenses, but non-profit rescue is not about money. It's about making sure each dog is going to live out the rest of it's life with a smile on it's face and a wagging tail.
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