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Doggone Happy Animal Rescue (DHAR) is a 501c3, non-profit, foster-based animal rescue. We are located in Delaware, and we have fosters throughout Delaware and parts of Maryland. We rescue dogs from anywhere in the United States. You will see dogs on our Facebook and Webpage from rescues and shelters all over the United States. If the dog "Speaks to you", we have transport connections available.

The first step in the process of adopting a pet from DHAR is to complete the adoption application. The application is lengthy, but all the information is necessary in order to provide us with the information that ensures a safe, happy, and healthy home for our animals. Working with you, we will be able to determine if the adoption is in the pet's best interest, and the process helps to determine if the pet is well suited for your family's lifestyle. Please provide detailed information for all questions asked. More information is always better, in the case of adopting pets.

Our PUPPY (Under 6 Months) adoption fee of $375 covers the cost of microchipping, vaccinations and other medical care. It is the responsibility of the adopter to follow through with spay/neuter. All puppies will receive a certificate to cover 1 Spay/Neuter at the Spay/Neuter Clinic in Dover, DE to be completed at 6 months of age. You will also have to sign an early release agreement along with a $75 refundable deposit that indicates the puppy is too young for sterilization at the time of the adoption. The spay/neuter will be done as soon as age appropriate and your deposit will be returned once your provide documentation of completion.

Our ADULT Dog (6 Months & Up) adoption fee of $350 covers the cost of microchipping, vaccinations, spay or neutering and other medical care

Our SENIOR Dog (8+ Years) adoption fee of $250 covers the cost of microchipping, vaccinations, spay or neutering and other medical care


  • Be at least 23 years of age, and have a valid state identification card stating your current address/

  • Have the knowledge and consent of landlord, if this is relevant to your living situation.

  • Be willing and able to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment, proper nourishment and care, and training a pet.

  • Be open to one or more scheduled home inspections by DHAR or an approved rescue affiliated with DHAR.

  • Be open to one or more meet and greets with all family members that will reside with the animal.

Please note: We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone. Please be advised that we will not adopt to any persons who mislead or misrepresent any information on this application. 

Adoption Application
Employment Information. Please check all tha apply:
What's your preferred level of exercise with your pet(s)?
What strong preferences do you have in a dog? Check all that apply
Why do you wish to adopt this pet? Check all that apply
Do your current pets wear identification tags?
Are your current pets micro chipped?
Are your current dogs licensed?
Are your current pets' vaccinations up to date?
Are your dogs on a heartworm preventative?
If you own cats, have they been tested for feline leukemia?
  • I understand a DHAR Representative may visit my home for a home inspection before my adoption application is approved

  • I have read this Application in it's entirety, and I agree that all statements contained in this document are made by me, and are truthful. I make this statement under penalty of perjury under the law of the State of Delaware

Thanks for submitting!

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