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Where are you located?
Our rescue is foster based, so we don't have a physical location. Our dogs are in homes all over the state of Delaware. 
I don't live in Delaware, can I still adopt?
Absolutely! We work with a number of transport organizations that can help get your new best friend to you. 
Do you take cats?
No, we are exclusively canine but there are many feline rescues in the area:
Compassion for Cats Delaware
Faithful Friends Animal Society
Purrfect Haven Cat Rescue
Help! I've found a lost/stray dog, what do I do?
The first step is to make sure the dog is safe and secure. If you are able to temporarily house the dog and provide food and water, please do so. The next step is to get the dog checked for a microchip and post on lost pet websites and social media. Any veterinarian's office or animal shelter can scan for a microchip, however, even if the pet is chipped, the scan does not provide owner contact information. It will give you a number that can potentially be associated with a particular company which can then be contacted. Generally, they will be the point of contact with the owner and will not hand over the owner's information. This process can take time.
If the dog has no collar and no microchip, there is a 72 hour mandatory hold period for strays before they can be re-homed, however we prefer to wait at least a week to ensure that we have exhausted all attempts at finding an owner. 
If you cannot hold the dog, please let us know and we will try to find a foster. We'd much rather have them in a home environment rather than in a shelter. 
I need to re-home my dog. Can you help?
The best case scenario would be for us to be able to problem solve with you so that you can keep your pet, but if that isn't an option, we can discuss placement with one of our fosters. Keep in mind, our foster homes are generally full so you may have to wait until a spot opens up. 
Do I HAVE to get my puppy spayed/neutered?
Yes! Please keep in mind, ALL DHARlings must be spayed or neutered unless a veterinarian deems it medically unsafe to do so. When adopting a puppy, we require that the adopter pay a $75 deposit that will be refunded after you have gotten your pup fixed. Please take in to account the cost associated with spay/neuter which can range from $150-$450 when adopting a puppy under 6 months of age.
What does the adoption fee cover?
All of our dogs are up to date on vaccinations, have been evaluated for temperament and if over 6 months of age, have been spayed or neutered. The fee covers all of their vetting prior to adoption, transport (if necessary), and all of the essential care items they need while in foster care.
Why is the adoption application so extensive?
We want to make sure our dogs are going to their forever homes. It's our job to pair the pup with the perfect family for their individual needs. We take our time performing home checks, calling vet references and reviewing all your information. If you are not selected for a specific dog, please don't take it personally. The dogs are the priority and we will continue to search for your perfect match. 
How much does it cost to be a foster?
As much or as little as you'd like! The rescue will cover all expenses from food, to vet expenses, collars, leashes, specialized training if necessary, etc. If you'd like to use your own supplies, you are more than welcome to.
What about when it’s time to say good-bye?
Giving up an animal you’ve fostered, even to a wonderful new home, can be difficult emotionally. Some people like to be there when the pet goes home with the new family. Seeing your foster animal ride off into the sunset will help you remember that he has found a lovely new home.
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